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Introduction :-

A 2x2 MIMO-based and 802.3at compliant wireless radio, designed 700mW high output power 2T2R MIMO AP/CPE/Bridge. Its management utility and user friendly interface provide the ultimate experience of using WiFi AP/CPE/Bridge. It is the best choice for all full outdoor environmental long range wireless Ethernet networking applications: WISP, Internet/LAN extension, rural telephony basing on VOIP gateway, long range wireless surveillance, campus/city/park hotspot, field mesh network… 

Features :- 


  1. Advanced MIMO technology: 300Mbps 2T2R MIMO 802.11NGB
  2. Big RF power 700mW(28dBm) or EIRP 43dBm (20-watt with 15-dBi MIMO antenna)
  3. Huge memory, 32MB + 8MB supporting prevailing and enhanced features (largest user base =128 clients, watch-dog no lock-up, AP locator, highest encryption, ping, trace, site survey, QoS, MAC filter, spanning tree…)
  4. Multi-functional: AP/Bridge/client/repeater
  5. Multi-SSID: up to 4x SSID
  6. Powerful network security with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2
  7.  Auto MDI/ MDIX
  8. Support VLAN , VPN pass through & SNMP
  9. Watch-dog function, auto/scheduled reboot (Regular rebooting may help stabilizing the system stability by clearing the memory buffer on a regular base !!)
  10. QoS: WMM, MAC filter, spanning tree protocol
  11.  AP locator: Window locators utility for centralized management